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Advanced IT Applications

Custom IT Packages

Custom Support Packages

AFScott understands that every business operates in a way that is unique to them. Our IT engineers work closely with individual companies to create customized solutions designed to meet their needs and work within their IT infrastructure.

Home & Small Office Consulting

AFScott has the capability to tailor storage solutions to fit any type of business model, including at-home office space. Clients can capitalize on the most advanced technology while customizing it to fit their security, storage or any IT need.

Return on Investment (ROI) Consulting

AFScott’s goal is to make our clients’ business technologies more efficient to ultimately optimize the way they do business. Our team consults on return on investment (ROI) opportunities to analyze every business contingency.

IT Infrastructure Management

Managed Services

AFScott will consult with small- to medium-sized companies to evaluate their IT needs and ensure that the company is operating with the most efficient and advanced technologies in their industry.

Network Infrastructure Management

Partner with AFScott to upgrade existing IT infrastructures and transition to a more efficient, technologically optimized system. Services range from consultation to software installation and secure storage solutions to mobile accessibility.

Office 365 & Mobile Device Management

AFScott will manage every aspect of your migration to Office 365, including activation and configuration with the Microsoft software. We also offer comprehensive mobile device management to reduce downtime and improve device connectivity.

Project Consultation

Complimentary Analysis of Needs

AFScott is committed to understanding our clients’ business operations and current IT infrastructure. Performing a business audit will allow our experts to determine how your company can operate more efficiently.

Coordinate Set-Up & Implementation

Allow AFScott to coordinate your company’s all-important systems transition. Our technicians safeguard your data while overseeing the delicate move to a new system, which may involve upgrading technology and hardware.

Ongoing IT Support

Once the new infrastructure is in place, AFScott will continue to manage implementation and support our clients as they learn to operate on a new system, and our technical support team is available to troubleshoot any issues that may arise.

Site & Software Audit

Site Assessments

AFScott will initially meet with clients at their workplace to learn the current operating system and business model. Performing a site audit allows our IT engineers to make knowledgeable recommendations regarding their IT infrastructure.

Server Configuration & Installation

Moving from one server to another can be daunting, especially with sensitive company data potentially stored on the server. AFScott has over 17 years of experience expediting the installation, configuration and implementation required for these transitions.

Hardware Purchase & Installation

In order to utilize the most advanced technology available, companies must invest in reliable office equipment. AFScott regularly does a hardware audit to ensure that our clients’ equipment updates and maintenance stay on schedule.