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“After more than 10 years of having a full-time employee dedicated to my IT needs, early this year I made the decision to outsource my IT needs. I have an HQ office with approx 40 employees and approx 6 branch offices in NJ, MD, and VA. I made the decision in April (2010) to hire AFScott. They have clients throughout NJ and NY. They have been great in both their technical knowledge and their response time. I highly recommend them.”

Kurt Padavano - Advance Realty Group

“I decided to take my managerial, financial and administrative skills and change careers … so I came to work for a law firm as a firm administrator. What a learning curve!!! I quickly learned that I had to balance the needs of the attorneys, support staff, partners, clients and vendors simultaneously … oh, and everyone needs everything yesterday. I knew that one of the first relationships that I had to foster in order to keep peace and harmony was with the people that maintain our computer systems.

AFScott has been with our firm since inception and has consistently, professionally and efficiently provided the technical advice and expertise needed in order to build, install, maintain, train and upgrade our technological infrastructure. They make sure that our systems are up and running properly. When they are not, they are there to troubleshoot, repair, recommend and provide the peace of mind that our firm deserves. All hours of the night … as attorneys never sleep … they are there at the end of a panic-stricken phone call or an over-excited email.

They don’t push … they don’t sell … they simply look for solutions and fast! They are honest, trustworthy, responsive and encompass a wealth of technical knowledge and experience that I’ve never seen in any other IT company. And that is something that is very hard to come by in their industry.

They understand the importance of client relationships and commitments. They work with us hand-in-hand, step-by-step throughout all projects or service calls … big or small. Where other vendors are suppliers of goods and services, AFScott is a true business partner. We are so fortunate to work with them.”

Adriana Ferrari-Asan - Bevan, Mosca & Giuditta, P.C.

“Your company’s customer service team deserves a great deal of thanks… Vinnie spent 24+ hours up and on the phone with Microsoft getting them to fix issues we had with one of our senior manager’s email. This includes keeping us informed while on the phone with MS support, as well as sending us updates early Wed morning at 2:20am, 4:45am, 6:45am, and 7:00am. We had the customer’s email functioning and restored her historical email, which is now most of the way back into her mailbox, she (and us) are quite thrilled with the extra effort. Matt spent countless after hours with the Mail 365 project, working late, over July 4th weekend etc., to help resolve issues that occurred, and restoration of email files.

We appreciate the extra effort, knowledge, communication you and your excellent staff have done for us. As techs ourselves, we are very pleased and want to recognize your company, and of course Vinnie & Matt.”

Bill Hansen - Brown & Brown Metro, Inc.

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Sky Biedron
Sky Biedron
17:29 13 Jul 15
Matthew Sutte could not have been more helpful. He was so knowledgeable, gave the best advice and got my new laptop set up perfectly within a week. I HIGHLY recommend him and anyone at AFScott, LLC.
Kathleen Dugan
Kathleen Dugan
21:50 04 Feb 15
Matt Sutte is THE BEST! Recommend him 200% - he was professional, knowledgeable and fast. Better than ANY IT person I have worked with in my 20 years in the corporate world from small to huge company environments - Got everything working quickly and efficiently and offered additional suggestions and ideas to improve upon my needs. USE this guy. No one better.
Katherine Quay
Katherine Quay
16:00 23 Oct 14
Our small office has been an AFScott client for a number of years and we are very happy with the service they provide. In particular, Matt Sutte has been extremely helpful with not only our business technology needs, but our personal home systems as well. He's responsive, knowledgeable and quickly identifies the solution to any issue that may arise. Best of all he is always a pleasure to work with and patiently explains everything to the non-tech savvy amongst us. We couldn't ask for a better resource and highly recommend Matte Sutte and AFScott.
Debbie Keck
Debbie Keck
13:17 23 Oct 14
The service provided by AFScott has been great. They were very responsive when I initially reached out to them and have continued to be helpful with all follow up service. They keep things on a level commensurate with customer knowledge and skill. They are competitively priced and definitely client-focused. We are very pleased with them as our IT support.
Andrew Schwartz
Andrew Schwartz
14:44 15 Sep 14
Matt not only answered our call to outfit our office with new technology and cloud-based services, but has continued to do so. His around-the-clock-availability and patience has made our office transition seamless and easy. Matt wired our office with new technology and took the time to instruct our staff on all the changes for an entire morning -- and has made himself available on the phone for any follow-ups. We recommend Matt at AFScott at Home for any small to medium-sized business looking upgrade to a 21st Century business technology platform.
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