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Our Mission

To deliver a complete world-class technology experience by integrating cutting-edge solutions with up-to-date industry expertise.

Our Vision

AFScott continuously strives to be the respected and trusted IT partner to the business marketplace. The talent and skills we bring to the market are second to none.

Our Philosophy

Our word is our bond. We stand behind every commitment we make.

Our Strategy

We lead every project, both internally with our employees, and externally with our prospects, clients, and partners, by strictly adhering to our core values:


Headquartered in Bedminster, AFScott brings IT managed services to businesses located up and down the East Coast, including New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Florida and anywhere in between. Backed by decades of experience within the technology industry, our leadership team ensures that AFScott remains at the forefront of IT systems and solutions, providing our customers with the most effective technological advances in their industry. Our emphasis on the provision of impeccable IT service paired with the expectation of exceptional customer service allows our clients to remain focused on achieving their goals, confident in the knowledge that they are in capable hands.
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Our corporate clients outsource their IT needs to the experts here at AFScott. We build a relationship with customers that is founded on understanding how their business operates to determine what type of IT system is needed. AFScott’s expert engineers are able to integrate IT systems and ensure that software is optimized to work as efficiently as possible.

Once the initial set-up of the IT system and software is complete, our clients can count on AFScott’s support team to provide technical support whenever necessary. As a company, we understand the value of having access to user-friendly assistance with a high response rate. Our client’s IT challenges become our obstacles to overcome in order to provide quick, convenient support to eliminate any technology issues that may arise.


At AFScott, we are committed to holding ourselves to the exceptional standard our customers have come to expect. Clients can expect to operate off a set price, which includes any service of IT support needed throughout the course of the contract. The partnership that is created between our clients and AFScott’s IT experts creates an atmosphere that supports open communication all the way to software maintenance. 

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