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From data security to network maintenance, AFScott stays one step ahead.

System Administration

AFScott manages corporate IT systems so our clients can focus on their business operations. We will update IT systems to ensure only current and active employees can access the company network and databases.

System Maintenance

Partner with AFScott to maintain existing IT infrastructures, modify technologies and potentially upgrade IT systems to a more efficient, technologically optimized solution. Services range from consultation to software installation and secure storage solutions to mobile accessibility.

Remote Monitoring

AFScott’s monitoring systems detect potential security breaches to help minimize damage. Our IT engineers can remotely access servers and devices to assist with troubleshooting and overall system maintenance without having to make onsite visits.

After-Hours Maintenance

In an effort to avoid interrupting business operations, AFScott will often schedule network and system maintenance to occur outside of business hours. Software can be updated after hours to encourage workplace continuity.

Data Migration

Secure data migration is essential to effectively preserve electronic records when transitioning from one network to another. AFScott audits electronic records to ensure proper data transfer to the new network. Once the transfer is complete, the IT team verifies security and back-up systems are active.


Custom Support Packages

AFScott understands that every business operates in a way that is unique to them. Our IT engineers work closely with individual companies to create customized solutions designed to meet their needs and work within their IT infrastructure.

Home & Small Office Consulting

AFScott has the capability to tailor storage solutions to fit any type of business model, including at-home office space. Clients can capitalize on the most advanced technology while customizing it to fit their security, storage or any IT need.

Return on Investment (ROI) Consulting

AFScott’s goal is to make our clients’ business technologies more efficient to ultimately optimize the way they do business. Our team consults on return on investment (ROI) opportunities to analyze every business contingency.

Managed Services

AFScott will consult with small- to medium-sized companies to evaluate their IT needs and ensure that the company is operating with the most efficient and advanced technologies in their industry.

Network Infrastructure Management

Partner with AFScott to upgrade existing IT infrastructures and transition to a more efficient, technologically optimized system. Services range from consultation to software installation and secure storage solutions to mobile accessibility.

Office 365 & Mobile Device Management

AFScott will manage every aspect of your migration to Office 365, including activation and configuration with the Microsoft software. We also offer comprehensive mobile device management to reduce downtime and improve device connectivity.

Complimentary Analysis of Needs

AFScott is committed to understanding our clients’ business operations and current IT infrastructure. Performing a business audit will allow our experts to determine how your company can operate more efficiently.

Coordinate Set-Up & Implementation

Allow AFScott to coordinate your company’s all-important systems transition. Our technicians safeguard your data while overseeing the delicate move to a new system, which may involve upgrading technology and hardware.

Ongoing IT Support

Once the new infrastructure is in place, AFScott will continue to manage implementation and support our clients as they learn to operate on a new system, and our technical support team is available to troubleshoot any issues that may arise.

Site Assessments

AFScott will initially meet with clients at their workplace to learn the current operating system and business model. Performing a site audit allows our IT engineers to make knowledgeable recommendations regarding their IT infrastructure.

Server Configuration & Installation

Moving from one server to another can be daunting, especially with sensitive company data potentially stored on the server. AFScott has over 20 years of experience expediting the installation, configuration and implementation required for these transitions.

Hardware Purchase & Installation

In order to utilize the most advanced technology available, companies must invest in reliable office equipment. AFScott regularly does a hardware audit to ensure that our clients’ equipment updates and maintenance stay on schedule.


Cloud Managed Networks

Moving data and even desktops and servers to the cloud offers AFScott’s clients a wide range of versatility and security. Each client can choose how much or how little to utilize cloud storage, backups and email servers, depending on their specific needs.

Cloud Email Migration

Upgrade an on-premise email server like Microsoft Exchange by migrating to a cloud-based email solution such as Office 365 or G-Suite. Cloud email allows businesses to operate despite power and network outages at their physical locations.

Cloud Backup Solutions

With backups to our cloud servers several times per day, coupled with redundant on-premise backup solutions AFScott’s clients can be confident that in the event of data loss or ransomware attack their data is safe and easily accessible from one of many locations.

Business Continuity

At AFScott, our goal is to limit businesses’ operational interruptions due to technical difficulties with their technology system. The range of plans available provides protection before, during and after a technology disaster has occurred.

Disaster Recovery

With over 20 years of experience, the trained experts at AFScott can manage system disruptions at all levels, from downed networks to a serious security breach, effectively guiding clients through a disaster to resume business operations.

Remote Monitoring

AFScott’s IT engineers can remotely access servers and devices to assist with troubleshooting and overall system maintenance without having to make onsite visits. Monitoring systems detect potential security breaches to help minimize damage.

New Construction/Pre-Electrical

AFScott provides a free analysis of our clients’ IT needs in new construction office spaces. Meeting in the early stages of construction projects is critical to ensuring that the workspace will have accurate wiring and that all IT logistics have been considered.

New Business Network Environment

Once our site analysis is complete, AFScott will make recommendations for hardware and software systems to create the most effective and efficient IT infrastructure for the new office space. Our experience will help expedite your relocation.

Software Relocation & Integration

Our team of expert technicians will work to ensure a smooth transition during the relocation process to avoid business interruptions. AFScott’s IT staff will work outside of our client’s normal business hours to minimize the operational effects.


Every day more information is stored and transmitted electronically, exposing businesses to increasing numbers of cyber threats. AFScott partners with clients to understand their security needs and develop a customized IT security plan. AFScott clients can rely on our comprehensive experience with data security and network protection to improve early virus detection, educate clients about potential cyber threats and minimize data breaches and theft.​

Network Firewall

The first step in network security is implementing a firewall that will limit external access to the network and allow remote access via a virtual private network (VPN). Each firewall can be tailored to meet clients’ individual security needs.

Regulatory Compliance

Staying current with regulatory compliance requirements is challenging, to say the least. AFScott’s experience with industry-specific federal regulations will help guide your business’ application of these standards.


Data Center Support

Once the IT system is installed, AFScott remains available to clients for technical support and troubleshooting. The IT support staff provide their expertise to ensure our client’s business continues to operate smoothly.

Full-Service Help Desk

AFScott can provide remote IT assistance to clients ranging from monitoring software updates to running hardware issue reports. Technicians can take over computers to modify or update software without having to make an on-site visit.

Real-Time Remote Monitoring

Unlike technicians that may need to physically visit an office to perform maintenance on equipment, AFScott’s IT engineers can remotely access servers and devices to assist with troubleshooting and system maintenance.

Apple Certified Technicians

Technical support engineers have a depth of knowledge in Macintosh operating systems, ranging from iMac to MacBook Pro. AFScott’s technicians have received specific training qualifying them to troubleshoot and repair these devices.

Microsoft Certified Technicians

Our IT engineers are experts at working with Microsoft Windows, the most widely-used operating system in the world. The team does everything from integrating new software to troubleshooting existing hardware on Microsoft devices.

Cisco / Meraki Certified

AFScott’s technicians are certified Cisco CCNA and Meraki CMNA. Cisco/Meraki is the largest manufacturer of switching, security devices and access points in the world, and we work with their products every day to help our clients achieve maximum speed and security.